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On the Ground since 2012

What began as a Journey to deliver the first convoy of Ambulances and aid to war torn Syria from the UK in 2012 quickly developed into a social media platform to show the world the humanitarian disaster unfolding and to raise awareness.

'How could we turn our backs on the suffering and needy people here?'

After seeing first hand the terrible conditions in the refugee camps Tauqir 'Tox' Sharif and his wife Racquell Hayden Best decided to stay and make Syria their home.

The response was overwhelming and heart touching, so many individuals and organisations wanted to help by sending whatever they could from ambulances to containers full of vital supplies.  There was a realisation that an organised and coordinated effort had to be made to allow for quick and efficient delivery of aid to the right places.

Utilising their education and skills Live Updates Charity was established together with a core team of Syrians who would help with man power and logistics.  Acting as an intermediary on the ground between donors outside of Syria and implementation charities within Syria. 


Live Updates quickly grew and began implementing many projects from distribution of emergency aid to sheltering displaced refugees.


Today the organisation places a big emphasis on education and empowerment we see the need for a long term vision which will allow beneficiaries to break free from the shackles of being dependent on aid and in the process help others too.

Alhumdullila by the grace of Allah SWT our portfolio includes -

- Refugee Villages,

- Schools,

- Building New Masajid,

- Water Wells,

- Orphan/Widow/Hafiz Sponsorships,

- Distributions of essential items,

- Financial help for emergency cases,

- Assistance in providing medical help,

- Receiving and distributing containers from around the world

If you would like to make a difference in Free Syria and want to coordinate with us in any of the above projects get in touch.

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